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Read testimonials from parents and educators about Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia:

  • Our students are loved!

    I know my kids are loved and valued by their teachers!

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Coweta Charter Academy has exceeded our expectations!

  • Passionate Teachers

    The teachers have a passion for teaching!

  • Challenging Environment

    We really enjoy that our child can be challenged and is excelling in his academics!

  • Teachers at Coweta

    “The teachers at Coweta Charter are full of passion and heart. They go above and beyond to create an environment where my children flourish.”

  • CCAS was the best choice

    In the months that my sixth grade daughter started at CCAS, I have noticed an undeniable increase in her confidence.  Middle school years are not an easy time, but sending her to CCAS was the best choice and I am so glad it was the decision we made as a family.

  • Amazing staff and volunteers

    “It’s our first year at the Charter School and we love it! Amazing staff and volunteers! We can’t wait for the rest of the year.”

  • CCAS is my village

    “My children are loved. They are supported and their educational progress is celebrated even if they progress more slowly than standards may dictate. They’re both thriving at CCAS. You’ve heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? CCAS is my village, and for that I am so grateful!”

  • The right to school choice

    “We all have the right to school choice.  Coweta Charter Academy is my only choice…as an educator and a parent!”

  • Held to a higher standard

    “As an educator at Coweta Charter Academy, I am held to a higher standard; a standard which challenges me to be the difference in the lives of my students.”