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As an administrator I strive to ensure positive relationships with parents, students and teachers.  As a teacher, I always strived to have those same positive relationships.  Why?  Relationships are the backbone of a successful educator.  If we are aware of positive relationship building, then we are also building a trusting atmosphere.  By developing a trusting atmosphere, we can navigate conflict without irrational speech or behavior.  I recently saw this quote that sums it up: “Classroom management is not about having the right rules…it’s about having the right relationships.”

Our students can learn how to apply this concept as well.  I recently spoke with our middle school students on the first day of school. I told them to remember to always be courteous and to always be kind.  If they focus on being courteous and kind, then any conflict they encounter will be much easier to work through either on their own or with the support of an adult.  In other words, if you choose to be kind, you will always be right.  There is less chance of a situation escalating and more of a chance for students to understand each other and resolve their differences without adult intervention.

Thank you for taking time to read the September 2018 edition of the C3.  I encourage all of our parents to speak with their child and help them understand the importance of being courteous and kind each and every day.