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Coweta Charter Academy invites families to participate in a volunteer hour program. Families with one child are asked to volunteer 20 hours over the course of the year. Families with more than one child are asked to volunteer 30 hours over the course of the year. Volunteer hours can be accumulated in a variety of ways; special events, attending workshops, PTC meetings, helping out in the Colt Cafe or with carpool

Check out the PTC Website for ways to support the CCAS Family.

Parent Teacher Cooperative

Our school truly believes that the involvement of parents in the education of a child is essential. Not only is academic communication important, the volunteer involvement of parents is important to benefit the programs of the school. The Parent Teacher Cooperative (PTC) is structured in a manner that respects the importance of time with family, engagement in the school community, and the opportunity to enrich the programs of the school for students.

The purpose of the PTC is to involve parents in a cooperative relationship within the schools leadership structure. The PTC stresses the importance of community and family as it targets involvement in the child’s educational experience. The PTC seeks to identify clear involvement opportunities for all CCAS families.

Parent_Volunteer_Handbook_w.rlf_edits (pdf)