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School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from either J & R Clothing or All Uniform Wear and will be sold from their stores or online.

J & R Clothing
1307 Highway 85 North
or online at www.jandrclothing.com.

All Uniform-Wear
or online at www.alluniformwear.com

All Uniform Wear Price List

Please see our Uniform Policy in Parent Handbook for more detailed policy.

  • Grades K-5 wear red logo polo shirts with logo khaki or navy bottoms. On PE days, they wear their PE uniform or regular uniform with tennis shoes.
  • Grades 6-8, students wear navy or white logo polo shirt with logo khaki or navy bottoms. If they have PE, they will change into their PE uniform.
  • Jackets or Outerwear: If students wish to wear a jacket in school, they must have a logo jacket. On cold winter days, they may wear their winter jackets coming into the building or during recess, but students must take off once in classroom.
  • Shoes: Students must wear closed-toe, closed-heel shoes that are non-marking.
  • Socks: White socks or tights (red, white or blue)
  • Belts: All students must wear a black or brown belt.
  • Backpacks/lunchboxes: Any school appropriate backpack/lunchboxes; no roller backpacks.
  • Hair: Hair must be neat and clean with no “unnatural” colors, i.e. fluorescent, bright green, mohawks. No hats, bandanas or headbands may be worn. Essentially, no headwear except hair bows, hair bands, etc. for girls.

2018-2019_Uniform_Policy_Elementary (pdf)

2018-2019_Uniform_Policy-Middle_school (pdf)