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For the last two years, our school has had a very strong relationship with the Boosterthon organization.  With their help, we have raised a great deal of money for our school.  As with every school year, we have new families that may not understand why we have this fundraiser.  First, it is the most profitable for our school.  In my career, I have sold candy bars, cases of fruit, wrapping paper, etc.  The list goes on and on.  However, we generally only make about 40% profit. With the Boosterthon Fun Run, our profit is about 70%!  Second, we are not selling needless items I refer to as “dust collectors.”  Instead, we are emphasizing character, leadership and fitness!  What incredible qualities to emphasize as we begin the school year!

With your help, our Boosterthon funds are put to good use impacting students.  We use them to provide classroom grants for teachers.  As many people know, education costs more than the funds schools receive.  We must find ways to supplement that cost.  Through classroom grants, a teacher is encouraged to consider implementing a teaching tool in the classroom that might otherwise have been out of reach. We also fund our STEAM lab.  Our lab is one of the many items needed for us to offer these engaging activities and is also a requirement for STEAM certification in the state of Georgia.  Finally, we use our funds to improve our campus.  For example, we recently upgraded the lighting in the Multipurpose Room and the lobby thanks to efforts of our CCAS families and their dedication to our school and the success of our Boosterthon Fun Run.

Please commit today to ensure your child has registered at www.funrun.com and help us grow our dollars to help our students!