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This time of year parents should be receiving emails to log into Coweta Charter Academy’s system to recommit for the 2018/2019 year.  It also means that new families are applying and hoping to be placed in open seats not taken by recommitments.  I am constantly asked, “Do I get a seat automatically?”  While we would like to be able to offer any student a seat-we are limited.  Current students who recommit for the upcoming year the answer is YES!  New families must apply online and wait to see if a lottery process will be required.  If a lottery is not needed you will receive an offer to take a seat.  However, if a lottery process is required, we will only be able to offer seats as they come available.  For further information on the lottery process please visit the enrollment page on the school’s website or contact Anna Nuckolls at anuckolls@cowetacharter.org for further information.

I would like to take a moment to thank the majority of our CCAS families who are whole-heartedly committed to our school.  Miriam-Webster defines the word “commitment” as “an agreement or pledge to do something in the future.”  Whenever we make a commitment we are promising to follow through.  How does that relate to the enrollment process?  Over the past two years, our school has been blessed with great resources and support from the majority of our families.  They are proud of CCAS and what it offers their child.  In saying that, our main concern is with families whose plans have changed since they recommitted and choose to not inform the school.  Whether the change is due to a job relocation, a county relocation or they are enrolling their child/children somewhere else, not communicating the intention keeps other children from having the same opportunity to attend CCAS because that seat is “taken.”  We realize that life happens and we are asking that you, as parents/guardians, make sure you communicate with the school if you have selected the recommitment button but do not plan on attending during the 2018/2019 school year.  We do not have any issues with parents or students who make a change for whatever reason. Remember, communication is key!

It is my hope that parents will review their commitments or recommitments to Coweta Charter Academy and follow through by attending or by calling the school to release their child’s/children’s seat so other students have the opportunity to attend CCAS and grow and learn.  In order to properly staff our school it is imperative that commitments are followed through so we can provide the highest possible learning environment for our students.