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As we approach the midpoint of the school year, student attendance is always on my mind. A student will not learn if they are not in class so it is important that they come to school each and every day on time ready to learn and that they remain for the entire academic day to ensure they do not miss important information. Remember, attendance is the responsibility of the parent. Below are a few ideas to help parents in case you are realizing attendance is an issue.

  1. Get ready for school the previous night. Each evening, check your child’s bookbag for returned work, tests or any communication. Also, be sure they have completed all their homework. Let them assist you in packing a lunch and getting out their school uniform for the next day. Most importantly, establish a bedtime routine so their head hits the pillow at the same time each evening ensuring they get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Talk to the teacher. If you see your child has missed a significant amount of school, make an appointment or reach out via email to develop a plan of action so your child has the opportunity to obtain the knowledge they missed.
  3. Be firm! You are the parent. It is important that you help your student understand that missing school is not an option unless there is a legitimate excuse. Make sure you have consequences in place and that you administer consequences consistently.

The academic success of students is dependent on the parents making education a priority. If the student sees it is important to you they are more likely to work hard and be successful. Don’t let your child down. These are the foundation years and they need your guidance to establish healthy routines and strong work ethics that will benefit them educationally, socially, and as life-long learners.