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Colt Ambassadors

Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia is proud to have a quality group of students as members of our Colt Ambassador Program. The purpose of this program is to develop leadership qualities and help keep our school safe by preventing accidents from occurring. Being a Colt Ambassador is an honor and privilege that carries great responsibility, dedication and service to your school community. Students are chosen on their character and academic record. These students will be selected based on student application and teacher recommendation.

Student Government

Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia is proud to have established an elected Student Government Association. Members of the Student Government were each elected by peers and have agreed to serve a one year term. The purpose of the Student Government Association is to model and strive for good citizenship, respect for all, promote school spirit, empower student led ideas and initiatives, and provide service opportunities within the school and community.

Academic Bowl

Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia is proud to have the opportunity for our students to compete with other schools in academic quiz competitions. CCAS has both elementary academic bowl and middle school. Academic bowls are designed to promote growth in learning and encourage students to explore other subjects and fields of study that are new to them.

Extracurricular activities

Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia is excited to provide opportunities for our students to engage in after school activities. Here are some of the clubs/activities: Chorus, Good News Club, Lego Club, Film Club, Art Club, Cub Scouts, F.A.S.T. Club (PE), and more! Each semester has different clubs for our students to be able to participate in.


Coweta Charter Academy offers a variety of sports activities for the students. The following sports are some provided in the past: Taekwondo, Golf, Softball/Baseball through Senoia Recreation Department, Soccer, and Intramural Basketball.

In the coming years, CCAS hopes to provide more opportunities for our students to grow, engage, and learn exciting new things through our programs.