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Last November, I published a blog explaining why we should be thankful and I included a list of things for which I am thankful:

  1. CCAS Teachers. Our teachers have not chosen this job because of a paycheck or summer vacations.  Our teachers choose this occupation because they feel a calling to make a difference in the lives of the children in our CCAS community.
  2. CCAS Staff.Our staff communicate and collaborate like a well-oiled machine.  I know that decisions are made each day to ensure our operations are running flawlessly and I can trust them to make the appropriate decisions to keep our school running efficiently and to keep our students safe.
  3. The sense of community at CCAS is a rarity.  I’ve worked in many schools in my career and the CCAS school community is something to be treasured.  Parents, teachers, and staff work together as a team for the betterment of our children.  We are proud of our school and we are happy to share the accomplishments of CCAS with others.
  4. Strong Educational Foundation.Our families are looking for a choice for their child. Our school is chosen because of the strong educational foundation and high standards. Many times, families have shared how their children were not challenged elsewhere but they have found what they were looking for when they came to CCAS.

While this is true, I would also like to expand on this list as there are many people that work behind the scenes to provide support for our teachers and students. Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) is an integral part of our success.  They have provided a framework of success and have worked hard the last 4 ½ years to ensure state-specific flexibility.  In other words, they are not providing Florida support for a Georgia school.  They are ensuring that the support we receive is what we need!

We also have a new educational partner this year:  Noble Education Initiative (NEI).  While NEI is a new partner, they are providing the necessary academic support, professional development to ensure our continued success.  We are constantly looking towards the future. I recently heard a quote from NEI’s Chief Educational Officer, Sherry Hage where she stated, “The Future of the Future is Exponential.”  In other words, the world is developing at a much faster pace.  When I was young, it took years for certain things to develop.  Currently, those same things are developing much faster due to our improved technology.  Think about it, our cell phones are a modern marvel of computer science.  Did you know that our cell phones are more powerful than the computer that put Americans on the moon?  Wow, what an astounding fact!

It’s imperative that our school continue to look toward the future.  While I cannot predict what lies ahead, I can promise you that I’m ready with an open mind for changes that will come at a much faster pace than when we were in school and that we have the support of two fantastic educational organizations to support us as we move forward!